Adamovszky István: Magyar bankjegykatalógus 1926-2022 - Hungarian banknote catalog 1926-2022

A: Catalogs

the new Hungarian Banknote Catalog, updated until 2022, the 1st edition of which was published by my father in January 2009. Of course, the forint and euro prices have been updated, the pieces of our new (issued from 2014) forint banknotes and the previous series published since 2008 have been added, but the VH Pengő, Adópengő and Ténztárárt sections have also changed significantly, as after some research work pieces of uncertain origin have been omitted and several items not mentioned so far have been included in the tables. There was also a significant change in the Blades section, and everywhere I needed it I changed the images to make the new release even more lovable. The number of pages has also increased slightly, but many old pages have been merged and rearranged, so the expansion can be better expressed with more than 200 new photos and more than 300 new items, as well as a new and an expanded comprehensive font table, to make our banknotes issued under Red Army Command and the new Forints even more understandable. The volume is a demanding lacquered hardcover binding that can withstand daily use, the ordeals of fairs and weekly club life for up to 10-20 years!


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