Constantly we buy all kinds of ancient coins, coins, banknotes, medals, fast payment collections! It is possible to commission sales too!


The acquisition process anywhere in the world:

Material intended for sale on e-mail to send photos and description of the address, but it is possible personal meetings and consultations at any point in Budapest or Hungary or some European money exhibitions.


Call us! +36703065352


If you can not determine the selling price, the offer to purchase the item, which, if accepted, our company in Hungary will pay in cash at abroad send via bank wire. Personal brief examination of the exact purchase price of the pieces necessary to determine in some cases, as in the case of rare pieces banknotes or coins hold degrees can affect the value of the item, which is the definition of help!


If you have any material that made you want to discard and find confidence; any material that we find interesting, we offer a fair price. Do not be afraid to seek professional help of any kind, whether coin or paper money on this product !. Our company thinks long term, we want to develop both the sellers and the long-term business relationships with customers; In this spirit, we try to offer a price for each lot that you can also leave a good taste in the mouth as soon as possible and return to us either as a seller or buyer!