UNC: perfect banknote/coin
Perfectly preserved. No evidence of circulation or mishandling.

aUNC: Unc banknote coin with a litle damage: not 100% corner or blot, but WITHOUT FOLD, at coins some scratch

EF+:- EF 1 to 3 fold

Nearly uncirculated. Only the slightest evidence of wear - resulting from brief circulation or mishandling by collector. - Clean, bright, original sheen - Maximum 3 light folds OR 1 strong crease - Corners slightly rounded

VF: An otherwise undamaged note, showing substantial signs of wear: - multiple folds, slight wrinkles, traces of dirt ~ still an appealing note. - Paper relatively crisp, not floppy - No tears, but edges show slight wear - Corners not yet fully rounded


F: Substantial evidence of circulation, limp, surface dirt, number of folds, wrinkles, minor tears along the edges but not extending into the design. - No center hole due to folding - 2 staple holes OK


VG: Obvious damage is always predominantly evident, feels quite limp, tears are strong, heavy soiling, trimming is often done. - Center may have a hole due to folding - No pieces missing


G: Badly damaged, tears along creases extending well into design, but no elements of printed design is missing. May have graffiti.


P: Severe damage. Usually a portion of the design is missing. Worth keeping only if issue is very rare. May have tape applied or is trimmed.