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The owner of a shop Numis Numismatics thank you for visiting our website and product pages our part is very curious.


Our business deals with numismatics and notaphilia. We offer an extensive range of material Old coins, medals, paper money, securities, medals collectors interested. Our offer includes the USA and the world's Coin. The Habsburg kings, money, money system of the crown and a tinkling pieces, Egypt or Indonesia, or even money. In any case, the sale will be illustrated pieces, according to individual specifications. Reception Back Guarantee, which is about a week from the receipt, in case both the personal and the postal receipt is equally valid. Continually expanding our offer we try to satisfy current needs always arise. Any observations, their needs, please contact the indicated contact addresses. All of our acquisition partner enjoy browsing!


I believe that a deal can correct and successful if both parties are satisfied. The acquisition is pleased receives the coveted coins, whoever sells, happy to return if another old money are at home, at work and invested money trading the benefits obtained. In this spirit, I work together with our colleague every day.


Charles Bana

Numismatist, Hungarian and foreign coins, paper money of the world's expert.